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Talk to you about your horse’s overall health, activity level, your riding discipline, any physical issues, any training problems, and go over any concerns you may have. Visually assess your horse. I will touch your horse from nose to tail, and hoof to withers. I will be looking for pain, inflammation, tightness, and overall physical condition. Thermal imaging to see if there is any inflammation.

This takes about an hour and a half.

When the assessment is over, together we will come up with a plan that works best for you and your horse.

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PEMF Wellness Session

From: $120.00

The full-body wellness session starts at the horse’s pole and goes to the tail. This session also includes the knees, Fetlocks, and hocks.

A Wellness session takes an hour.

After a session is concluded, any resistance (muscle fasciculations) seen during the session will be discussed with you.





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Massage Therapy

From: $85.00

Full body massage involves applying firm pressure to muscles and underlying soft tissues. The hands-on techniques are for the purpose of releasing tension in the body, reducing stress levels, enhancing muscle tone, relieving pain, increasing circulation, and increasing range of motion. There will be trigger-point therapy applied if any knots are felt.

Session lasts 50- 60 minutes.




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Add Ons


PEMF Spot session – Two additional spots. Examples: stifles, hooves, gracilis.

LZR UltraBright – LED light therapy. Two areas of treatment. Great for scratches, bug bites, edemas, and wounds.

Laser – One area of treatment. Example: suspensory, hock, stifle, scar, knee, and so on.



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Massage and PEMF Session


Full body massage then a full body PEMF session.

This is great if your horse is very tight, and/ or has a number of “muscle knots”. A deep muscle massage can be a bit sore. Ending with a PEMF session relaxes the muscles, and gets the blood flowing. Your horse will thank you!

Session lasts an hour and a half.


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Equine Athlete Show Package


Show season can be rough on your teammate.

Pre event session can get your equine athlete performance ready. Post event session can help with recovery. Together these sessions can keep your show season running smoothly.

A healthy teammate can take you to your next level!



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Customized Plan

Does your horse have an injury?
Recovering from an injury?

When your horse is injured, it can be incredibly disheartening. It can be frustrating when you cannot pinpoint what the issue is.

Under your vet’s directive, and with trainers support, we can develop a customized plan for your horse.


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Tools of the Trade Add Ons

Equisports Massager

Kinesiology Taping


Icing for injury, athlete, rehab, and preventative




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Barn Multi Horse Discount

Get 5 or more horses at your barn for a same day full body session and get a group discount!






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Refer a friend and when they book a session you receive $20 off your next booking.  

Note: The purpose of equine bodywork is to increase range of motion, performance, as a preventive health, comfort, and well-being. It is not meant to replace the care of your veterinarian. If your horse is ill or injured, consult your veterinarian first!